Spur & Helical Gearing up to 185" Diameter

  • Metrics & Special Pitches
  • Herringbone Gearing up to 55" Diameter
  • Tangential Cut Worm Gearing up to 130" Diameter
  • Internal Spur & Spline Shaping up to 185" Diameter, 18" Face
  • Racks- Spur & Helical
  • Gear Reducer Repair
  • Precision Thread & Worm Grinding
  • Experimental & Prototype

We manufacture gears of practically every type, such as spiral, angular, intermittent, finger tooth, anti-backlash, segmental, ring, split, cluster, shaft pinions, transmission gears, feed lead power and machine screws, spline shafts, internal splines and serrations, jaw clutches of all types, ratchets, etc.

Our gears are generated, ground, hobbed, shaped, rotary cut, milled, etc. Our gears are furnished in any suitable material, metallic or non-metallic. We will heat treat to any specification. The main works consist of (2) buildings, a total of 25,000 square feet and occupy (2) acres of land in Elk Grove, a western suburb of Chicago. These plants operate twenty-four hours per day, six days per week. A seventh day operation can be arranged for emergency or other production necessity.

Over 150 modern precision machine tools, laboratory instruments and standard inspection equipment are in regular operation. Available in stock for immediate use for your requirements is a total of 17,000 tools such as spur, worm gear and spline hobs, fellows cutter, gear rack cutters, form cutters for rotary cutting, milling cutters, and broaches.